BP Ultimate STEM Challenge

As part of the McLaren Year of STEM, all S2 pupils have been undertaking the BP Ultimate STEM Challenge this term.  The competition, run annually by BP, challenges UK pupils to put their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills to the test to ‘reimagine a solution to a real-life problem’.


Throughout the challenge pupils have been working independently and collaboratively in their teams to refine their Design knowledge by undertaking a series of Reverse Engineering tasks. Learning has been pupil led, with pupils being responsible for deciding upon the focus, rationale and design of their product – with the aim of their project being to ‘make life easier’. Groups have been innovative in their idea generation, developing ideas such as a ‘Solar Panel Kitchen’ to help those in a Less Economically Developed Country, to ‘Air-Bag Waistbands’ for the elderly.


Currently pupils are working collaboratively using Google Drive to put the finishing touches to their project report and presentation. The final presentations will be submitted to BP in January, with semi-finalists gaining the opportunity to present their idea to BP at the Science Museum in London, in May.