Nuffield Biology Placement

This summer I was given the chance to complete a four-week research project sponsored by the Nuffield foundation. Dr Benden, my Biology teacher, encouraged me to apply, helped me with my application and found a placement with the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling.


I then spent four weeks of my Summer holiday conducting a research project looking at water quality in Swanswater Fishery just outside Bannockburn.  I had to study the water in the fishery as well as the water that supplies the fishery.


I learned how to take water samples out in the field, and then back in in the labs at the University I learned about water analysis and used different equipment and techniques to investigate the water quality.


I had to analyse all my results, write a scientific report and make a poster which I presented at the celebration event in Edinburgh for all the students who had completed projects from all over Scotland. 

Despite having to give up most of my holiday, I really enjoyed the whole experience and it was very worthwhile.  I learned a lot from the people who were involved and the experience I gained from working in the labs and in the field will be invaluable. It has confirmed that a career in research and biology is for me and so I would encourage anyone considering a career in Science to apply for this amazing opportunity.


Heather Jackson S6