A very warm welcome to McLaren High School

McLaren High School is a non-denominational school with a current roll of 616 pupils. McLaren High has been in existence since 1892 and is situated on the southern edge of Callander. Pupils from the twelve primary schools in our “cluster” transfer to McLaren High School and they are joined by a number of pupils whose parents have made a placing request.

McLaren High School has highly professional teaching and support staff, with high expectations for our pupils. We are committed to working with parents to support and challenge our pupils to succeed in learning and to develop as confident young citizens.

Our primary aim is to develop the potential of our young people and provide them with a rewarding, enjoyable and enriching experience during their time at McLaren High School.
Our aims and values - Order, Respect, Care and Achievement - are agreed, understood and accepted by our whole school community. ORCA is a powerful conceptual, verbal and visual symbol within the school. It is a key part of what we do and how we do things, and provides a strong foundation for learning and teaching.