Our main purpose is to foster relationships between staff and parents and to help maintain strong, healthy links between home and school. The committee includes parents and teachers who work together for the well being of the young people in the care of McLaren High.

We organise activities which support the school and the education being provided for our young people. Our annual family Ceilidh unites pupils, staff and parents and our regular discos offer our youngsters a chance to socialise in a safe environment.

We need to raise funds to enable our school to provide that little bit extra which adds value to our young people’s school life. For example, through donations to the excellence fund, we help our school provide a variety of extra curricular activities and clubs vital to young people’s development.

We are very proud of the past achievements of our PTA and appreciate the great efforts that have been made over the years in raising funds to extend and enhance the educational experience of all McLaren High pupils.

Any parent who feels they would like to become involved in this valuable aspect of school life should contact Alistair Campbell at the school.