Advice and Information for Pupils and Parents

Pupils and parents are given advice and information from the school in a variety of ways to help with subject choices, including:

  1. Course Choice Handbooks – comprehensive guides providing information on all of the subjects available to pupils
  2. Subject Teachers – - can provide information about their subject and give pupils some idea of how well they are likely to do in it
  3. Pupil Support Leaders – can provide advice to pupils on the suitability of their choice and will try to make sure pupils choose a course of study that is well balanced and within their capabilities. They will also check that the course will give pupils the qualifications necessary to pursue a particular career or job
  4. PSHE Classes
  5. Careers Library – - there is a great deal of information available in the Careers section of the Library and pupils are very welcome to refer to this
  6. Careers Advisor – appointments are available with the School’s Careers Advisor