Literacy Across Learning

Teachers at McLaren High School understand that developing high standards of Literacy is fundamental to all areas of learning; it unlocks access to the wider curriculum. Being able to communicate effectively when reading, writing, talking and listening, increases opportunities for the pupils in all aspects of their live and lays the foundations for lifelong learning and work.

As part of the Curriculum for Excellence, all teachers across the school will be developing our pupils’ literacy skills by using:

  • Our common correction code
  • Word walls and spelling banks in all subjects to promote correct spelling of difficult terms
  • Reading strategies to help pupils gain a deeper understanding of texts
  • A variety of methods to develop talking and listening skills.

Literacy is more than reading & writing though, it can mean competence in working with:

  • novels, short stories, plays, poems
  • charts, maps, graphs
  • posters, comics, newspapers, magazines
  • recipes, manuals, instructions
  • adverts, leaflets, song lyrics
  • texts, blogs, web pages
  • the spoken word

and developing skills like:

  • engaging with others
  • explaining thinking
  • thinking about the reliability of information
  • finding, selecting, sorting, summarising
  • considering the purpose of texts
  • discussing similarities/differences
  • making notes, developing ideas
  • acknowledging sources in written work
  • using appropriate and effective vocabulary.

Please see the link below for more information.