Emergency Closure Information For Pupils and Parents (September 2018)

General:  In certain circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions or the breakdown of essential services, the Headteacher may, in consultation with Stirling Council, Central Scotland Police and the bus companies involved, decide to close the school partially or completely.  Where such a decision is made, the primary concern will be for the safety and wellbeing of pupils.  Every effort will however be made to keep the school open where possible.  This may involve some flexible working within the school when partial closure takes place since, in some circumstances, not all teaching staff would be available.


Early Morning Transport Difficulties: Following early morning consultation with relevant agencies, buses will not be sent if there is reason to believe that unsafe roads are likely to deteriorate further during the course of the day.  Parents should use their own judgement about whether it will be safe to travel in their own local area later in the day, even if the bus is running.  If you decide not to send your child to school, please let us know the reason for absence in the usual way.  If buses are not running, it would be unwise for parents to bring pupils to school (eg using 4WD vehicles) as we cannot guarantee to arrange for their safe return home.  If an early decision has been made to close the school, we will attempt to broadcast this through Central FM Radio (103.1FM) and regular updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  A message will be left on the school telephone line from approx. 7.30am.  If a decision has been made to alter normal transport arrangements, Stirling Council (on 0845 277 7000 or at http://my.stirling.gov.uk/disruptions) will also have that information.


Daytime Closures: Sometimes, the weather unexpectedly closes in during the course of a day, perhaps in just one part of our catchment area.   While we would expect the local police to keep us advised, we would also welcome information from parents in outlying areas about worrying developments in the weather.  If a decision is made to close the school early due to worsening weather conditions, the time for such a closure will probably be lunchtime.   This allows lunches to be served, while giving enough time for journeys to be completed in daylight.   Where there is a snow fall at around 9am, we will keep the pupils safe in the building until the situation with regard to the safety of the roads becomes clear.   If necessary, we will get information about plans to clear and grit roads before buses are called.  Again, information on closure will be broadcast by radio, Facebook and Twitter and where possible parents will be advised by text message/e-mail. 


Emergency Accommodation Arrangements: Parents should ensure that their children have clear instructions about where to go in the event of the school being closed.   We will always ask all pupils before they are dismissed whether they have a place of safety to go to, but will assume that their answer is based upon arrangements which you have made with friends, neighbours etc.  If there is a lengthy journey from a farm road end, for example, you should consider giving specific instructions to your child to cover all possible scenarios.   


Partial Closure: The school might open on a partial basis, rather than close completely.   This might involve a 10am start if it is anticipated that transport difficulties will lessen as the morning goes on.  Every effort will be made to communicate with parents by radio, Facebook, Twitter and the school phone system.      


Telephone Contacts: Wherever possible, we will try to telephone parents of pupils who have unusual or difficult journeys.  However, the phone lines must also be used to keep in contact with the Police, the bus and taxi companies and other essential services.   Please be patient and understanding.  You can be assured that we will be making judgements based entirely upon the safety of your children.