Pupil Support

Pupil Support

Pupil Support exists in McLaren High School to deliver quality support to all pupils according to their individual needs. The Pupil Support Team works to support the school aims and values of ORCA (Order, Respect, Care, Achievement) and to contribute to the School’s positive and welcoming ethos in which all children and young people are valued and encouraged to be effective learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to their school and community.

Each house is allocated a Pupil Support Leader.

Bracklinn: Mrs R Underwood underwoodr04s@glow.sch.uk

Dochart: Miss F Cruickshanks cruickshanksf04s@glow.sch.uk

Leny: Mrs C Patterson pattersonc04s@glow.sch.uk  and Mrs S Dunn dunns04s@glow.sch.uk


PT Transition: Mr H Ashworth ashworthh04s@glow.sch.uk

PT Pupil Support Enhanced: Mrs K Whyte whytek04s@glow.sch.uk


Developing the Young Workforce Co-Ordinator:  Mrs S Dunn  dunns04s@glow.sch.uk 

                                                                                   and Miss L McCormick mccormickl04s@glow.sch.uk


Paired Reading

Paired Reading is available for pupils in S1/S2 with support provided by S5/S6 pupils.

The Fun Time Club

The Pupil Support Team, supported by McMentors, provide extra support to pupils early in the morning (from 8.45 am), during intervals and over lunch times. This support is available to any pupil who would like to be involved.